Milk Chocolate Battleships

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A tasty twist to a classic board game

Perfect to bring a delicious twist to the classic board game, this milk chocolate battleships will be a popular gift for Christmas, birthdays, get wells and other special occasions.

This box contains various sizes of milk chocolate battleships and cardboard grids with coordinates. It also includes a reusable mould, so you can make more battleships and play again. It contains a total weight of 140g of chocolate.

How to play: Take a board with two grids per player. Each player arranges a number of ships secretly - make sure your grid is concealed from your opponent! The ships cannot overlap and the types and number of ships should be same for both players. Take turns in firing at your enemy by calling out the squares e.g. A3 etc. Reward successful "attacks" by eating the sunken boat! The winner is the first to eat all their enemy's ships!

If you want to play again, you can melt your favourite chocolate and pour it into the re-useable plastic mould. Tap it to remove any air bubbles. Allow to cool before use and you're ready to play again!

A fun chocolate stacking game

This fun chocolate battleships game will be popular with adults and children of all ages. Send someone a treat today, order your 'Milk Chocolate Battleships' online now.

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