Soar Willow Tree Ornament

Soar Willow Tree Ornament

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A time to reflect, a time to soar

This beautifully crafted Willow Tree figure is 13 cm (5") tall. Cast from the artistís original wood carvings, the statue is hand painted in soft natural tones. This piece features a woman lifting her cupped hands to let a bird fly away.

Artist Susan Lordi creates each Willow Tree figure so expression is revealed through gestures only.

Here is what she says about this piece: "The gesture of the figure and the bird communicates forward movement... being uplifted, moving onward; a release of hopes, dreams and spirit; of new beginnings and of endings; in celebration of a life... or in anticipation of a life together.This piece could be a way to express best wishes to someone who is taking a new path in life; on a road to recovery from illness or toward self-improvement... A hopeful symbol of peace for military families awaiting the return of their soldiers... An expression of sympathy to someone who has lost a loved one.The sentiment refers to the song Turn, Turn, Turn, written by Pete Seeger in 1959, adapted from the Book of Ecclesiastes. In the song, thereís a contrast in each example...ĎA time to be born/die, plant/reap, laugh/weepí and so on. I like the lyrical, repetitive nature of the phrasing.At significant milestones, we often pause and reflect before moving forward, so Ďa time to reflect, a time to soarí seemed like a nice expression for this piece."

A heartfelt gift

This Willow Tree piece speaks in quiet ways and is ideal to heal, comfort, protect and inspire. It will make a special gift for a friend or relative. Order your "Soar" ornament online free.

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