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Yellow Latex Balloons

Ref: FP0020

Yellow Balloons - Bright Yellow Latex Balloons

5 Balloons Pack 1.09

25 Balloons Pack 4.99

50 Balloons Pack 8.99

100 Balloons Pack 17.49

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These balloons are supplied un-inflated

Ideal to make cheerful decorations

These professional quality balloons are yellow and measure 11". They  are made from 100% latex and are biodegradable.

Ideal to create your own decorations for parties and events, these bright yellow balloons are also suitable for balloon releases, fundraising and balloon games.

You could even use them with our balloon sticks to hand out with goody bags at children's parties or events.

The balloons can be filled with air or helium for floating decorations. They are suitable to use with our disposable helium canisters and self sealing balloon valves.

Inflation instructions

Inflate only to the designated size - do not over inflate. We recommend you use a balloon pump to inflate your air-filled balloons.

Floating time

While air filled latex balloons will stay inflated for several weeks, balloons filled with helium usually float for 8 to 12 hours, so we recommend you inflate them immediately before your party or event. Treated with Hi-Float, they will last for over a week and can be inflated in advance.

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