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13 Online tips to buy great gifts

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Reading around and talking to friends and family it seems that we all agree that the following tips are useful to generate great gift ideas and buy unique gifts that are well received. Let's get started!

  1. Ask for advice - brainstorm with their (or even your) friends and family!
  2. Listen for hints from the person your buying for
  3. Understand the person you are buying a gift for - personality, hobbies, likes and dislikes... and buy a unique gift
  4. Plan in advance - keep a gift diary... great gift ideas tend to come over time!
  5. Look out for ideas all year around - not just a few days before that special event
  6. Choose unique gifts that you can personalize
  7. Only buy something expensive when you are 100% sure that they will like it
  8. Giving your time or making something for someone can be more valuable than a material gift
  9. Ask yourself the right questions: will he / she like this gift? Not - do I like it?
  10. If in doubt buy something useful or...
  11. Something frivolous they won't buy themselves
  12. Surprise them (our helium balloon gifts are great for this!)
  13. Buy a gift with your heart and follow your instinct

Good Luck!

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