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5 Reasons to Give Thoughtful Presents

Someone Loves You Teddy Bear

Someone once told me - that "Gift-buying should be made illegal and punishable by death" - whether you are gift phobic or you just need a little nudge to get you motivated, there are good reasons to put some real effort into finding a special gift for someone .

Why should we bother buying gifts?

My first answer would be - 'Giving is what separates man from beast'. Corny, I hear you shout... probably, but we all know that giving and receiving a special present can be incredibly powerful and emotional. Remember, it's more than just a gift it's a demonstration of your feelings . Let's investigate a little further...

1 - Gift giving is a way to invest in relationships

Buying presents is actually a way to invest in a relationship . In essence, it is a social lubricant, a way to celebrate life, love and friendship and become a better partner, spouse, friend, employer and person.

2 - More than just a gift - an extension of your personality

As you give time, energy, thought and love you are showing your personality and your generosity as a human being. Buying and giving presents is an opportunity to show who you really are .

3 - Presents transcend money, age and need

When asked what would make gift buying a dream for us, we often answer that having limitless money would allow us to buy the best presents for our loved ones... Wrong! In fact small thoughtful gift s can be far more valuable than expensive ones... It's all about showing people that you care and think enough about them to work out what really makes them smile.

What's more, presents can transcend age and even need: a gift from a child can be, and often is, invaluable. A present does not need to be needed or useful to delight the recipient, it's about thanking and expressing gratitude. Check our classic gifts on a shoe string for ideas.

4 - Giving presents is satisfying

Giving presents should provide both the giver and the receiver great satisfaction and a sense of fulfillment ... Of course gifts should come from the heart and do not work if bought out of obligation rather than love.

5 - Giving presents can make YOU happy!

If you're unsure about the power of giving presents and find our reasons to indulge in gift giving rather clichéd - try our simple 'gift test' . Chances are you'll find it's a good way to cheer yourself up when you are feeling a little down.

Simply buy a small token gift for someone you love and give them the present 'just because' ...

See what happens...

Buy someone a special surprise present today

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