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Thank You Notes and Gifts

Thank You Simon Elvin Balloon - Thank you gift idea UK

How to write thank you notes

Whenever you receive a gift you should send a thank you note - ideally handwritten.

Although, thanking someone in person or sending a thank you text or email might be acceptable - a hand written note will almost always look more thoughtful...

Thank you note example

Here's an example you can use as a template:

Dear Auntie Christine,

Thank you for the red jumper you sent me for my Birthday. You remembered that red is my favourite colour and I have already started wearing it - as you know winters are quite cold here! It was just the perfect gift. Thanks again for thinking of me in such a special way.




Thank you gifts

If someone makes an extraordinary gesture and goes out of their way to help you out you might need something a little stronger than a thank you note. A small gift , a bunch of flowers or a bottle of wine would be a better way to show your appreciation and keep the favours coming !

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