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Office and Business Corporate Gifts

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Most of the general "rules" of gift giving also apply to office and business corporate gifts . They can range from simple pens branded with your business logo to elaborate corporate events to entertain clients.

If you are a company owner, department supervisor, office manager or marketing executive - here are a few guidelines to keep in mind:



Gifts for office colleagues

Make sure you keep things simple and keep gift giving a pleasure... A simple birthday card signed by everyone in the office and sharing a cake from the local bakery (or going for a drink after work) are often the best option.

If you are friends with a colleague outside work - keep your gift personal and give it outside work.

Retirement gifts or new baby gifts are often best bought as a group gift from the entire department.

Business corporate gifts

You want people who spend money with you to feel valued . You also want your gift to reflect your company's values . Even if you are simply sending out Christmas cards - make sure they stand out and incorporate your company's personality.

Always handwrite a personal message on the inside of the card... and that means more than just signing your name!

A client is not just for Christmas... remember that even a simple birthday card can make a difference for an important client.

Parting thoughts...

You often see office or work colleagues more often than friends and relatives. People's perceptions can often reflect your actual success in the work place - make it a personal goal to be perceived as thoughtful and generous .

Many business clients buy from you because of the personal relationship they have developed with you (i.e. because they like you). Thoughtful and personal corporate gifts can help build meaningful business relationships .

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