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The heartwarming story of a Tatty Teddy

Me to You Taddy Teddy bear logoHe might be one of the more modern teddy bears, but the Me to You Tatty Teddy from Carte Blanche Greetings Ltd, has to come with one of the most endearing fairy tale stories about how he came to be ‘The grey bear with the blue nose’.

Thrown out with the rest of the rubbish from the ‘oldest, smallest house you can imagine’, the little brown teddy bear was all alone. As the snow started to fall his nose turned blue and his fur turned grey.

In the spring he was rescued by a little girl, who took him home to be mended by grandma. Although he was given new stuffing and stitched patches, his grey fur and blue nose remained, but he didn’t care. Tatty Teddy had finally found a loving home.

The launch of Me to You

Founded in 1987, Carte Blanche Greetings Ltd. launched the Me to You card range, featuring Tatty Teddy in 1995. Since this time, the Tatty Teddy’s heartwarming illustrations have become popular with young and old alike.

While the artwork has subtly changed over time, Tatty Teddy has always featured shaggy fur, stitched patches and his trademark blue nose.

Tatty Teddy soft toys

With fans throughout the world, Tatty Teddy finally jumped out of the greetings card and was produced as a plush toy for the first time in 2000. Based on the original greeting card design of 1992, it featured short grey fur, small black eyes, blue nose and a white reflective spot on the left hand side.

2003 saw production of the the "Me to You Story Book" and the 2nd generation plush toy. Although the design of this soft toy was very similar to the first, it featured much finer fur.

In 2009, the Me to You 3rd generation plush toy was finally launched in stores. Tatty Teddy now features longer fur in different shades of grey. A new blue plastic nose replaces the fabric nose on previous generations. As the new nose has reflective features, the reflective spot has also been removed.

Tatty Teddy with a difference

Tatty Teddy took another celebrity step in 2008, starring in the first ever Me to You television advert in 2008 (see below).

In the same year, a fresh new style for Tatty Teddy was unveiled with the launch of Me to You Softly Drawn. Its subtle, captivating designs captured the charm of the classic Me to You illustrations but with a new, softer twist.

Tatty Teddy’s Blue Nose Friends

No longer alone and lonely, Tatty Teddy welcomed a crowd of new friends in 2008, with the launch of My Blue Nose Friends. You can view or download the Blue Nose Friends stories so far below.

My Blue Nose Friends story 1 (pdf)

My Blue Nose Friends story 2 (pdf)

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