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Creative & Memorable Marriage Proposal Ideas

Christmas Balloon from Big Fat BalloonsSome people use our gifts – especially our Will You Marry Me Balloon and our gorgeous range of ‘I love you teddy bears’ - to propose to their loved ones. 

So this started us thinking… 

Unlike my husband, who proposed to me while I was up to my elbows in bubbles while doing the washing up, some people are really creative with their proposals. 

After a bit of research, we discovered a few, unusual ways to say those four little words that can last a life time. 

Although judging by some of these ideas, I’m not sure they would even make it to the alter!

In fact, we’d better add the legal bit here about; don’t try this at home; management cannot be held responsible; use at your own risk of getting dumped! 

Sit back and enjoy:

Do you know what? After reading these convoluted ideas I think my advice would be - just ask!

Perhaps proposing over the washing up wasn’t that bad – after all, I said yes.

However you decide to propose – we wish you all the best of luck!

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