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Gund Teddy Bears

A long teddy bear history

Gund Teddy Bears and Soft Toys LogoFounded in the United States by German immigrant, Adolf Gund, in 1898, Gund teddy bears have always been renowned for their quality. In fact Adolf Gund set out to use only the best fabrics available, in order to set his company apart from his competitors.

During the teddy bear craze that swept America in the early 1900s, Gund teddy bears became incredibly popular and the company grew.

Although Adolf Gund sold his company in 1925, the name has remained and Gund is one of the world’s most famous soft toy manufacturers. Today Gund is a worldwide operation with headquarters in New Jersey, USA.

Innovative manufacturing

Safety has always been high on the agenda at Gund. Indeed the company pioneered many innovations within the soft toy industry, continually setting the standards for safety and manufacturing.

Sesame Street toys

Sesame Street LogoGund was also one of the first soft toy companies to introduce licensed plush toys. Today Gund has the license for Sesame Street soft toys. From the Cookie Monster to Big Bird, Gund has turned these popular TV characters into huggable dolls and Sesame Street puppets for children of all ages to love.

Adorable Gund teddy bears for all

GundBaby is a range of soft toys and teddy bears suitable for infants and toddlers, all meeting Gund’s stringent safety standards. Meanwhile GundKids features innovative designs, which are designed to capture the imagination of children of all ages.

In 1998, a one-of-a-kind Gund bear was created to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Gund. It was sold at auction for $100,000, with all funds raised distributed among 4 children’s charities.

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