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Online School of Gift Buying

How to Buy Great Gifts for Friends and Family

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Graduate with top marks from the Big Fat Balloon School of Gift Buying. Here, anyone can learn how to buy gifts for even the most difficult to please friends and family. With our straightforward, no-nonsense gift buying help and advice, it's easy - learn online - no tuition fees, no hassle!

Whether you are gift hopeless, gift unsure or gift happy, you'll get the chance to polish your gift buying skills. With help from our School of Gift Buying you can make buying a gift enjoyable and it's a sure-fire way to impress friends and family with thoughtful and original presents !

Gift hopeless

Are you the kind to mutter "What's the point, anyway?" when you have to buy someone a gift? If you are, we've written a section called; "5 Reasons to Give Thoughtful Presents", just for you. Spend a little time reading it and your friends and family will love you for it.

Gift unsure

...Or maybe you just don't have the slightest idea about what to buy ...

If so, now is the time to stop friends from thinking that you're thoughtless, tasteless and cheap - when really you're just clueless when it comes to gift buying and need a few pointers to help you pick out exciting gifts for friends and family.

The sections on "Gift Homework", "8 Gift Ideas to Avoid" and "Classic Gifts That Always Work" should get you started and ensure that you never feel embarrassed about buying another uninspiring present again.

Gift happy

Do you simply love buying gifts and always have plenty of ideas ? If that's the case then congratulations! You might still be able to pick up a few tips and polish your already outstanding gift-giving skills with our sections on "Creative Gift Wrapping - Tips to Get it Right for Maximum Impact" and "Thank You Notes and Gifts".

What's more you might want to become a gift teacher at our Online School of Gift Buying. Here you can share your insights, experience and inspiration with our other gift buyers, just email with your tips, ideas and advice. Alternatively visit the Gift Gossip section on Big Fat Blog* and post your comments.

Getting started

At the Online School of Gift Buying, learning is easy - just browse the sections at the top. In each article there are plenty of links to the Big Fat Balloons online shop where you can buy great gifts (or so we think!) for friends and family.

Why not grab a drink, choose a topic and start learning? You will soon be able to tackle your gift-giving challenges head-on .

Open the creativity tab, get plenty of gifts ideas and come up with a perfect present!

Want to share your insights, experience and inspiration with our other gift buyers?

Just join in the conversation at Big Fat Blog, for fun gift ideas, company news and products updates.

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