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Get Organised and Start Enjoying Shopping for Presents!

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You will find that shopping for presents gets more and more fun as you get better at it. If the simple thought of shopping for gifts makes you feel ill - read on, a little planning will remove any unnecessary stress. If you absolutely love to buy presents - chances are that you will also enjoy reading about it! Learning online has never been easier!

Get planning

Did you know that 57% of people sometimes forget to remember important dates or struggle to remember any at all?

It can seem obvious but the statistics show that most of us fail to do this: buy a calendar or a diary if you don't already have one and mark all the dates you need to remember throughout the year - birthdays, anniversaries, Valentines days, Mother's day, EVERYTHING. Make a note for yourself about two weeks before the event to start shopping for a present.

It is key to get organised and plan in advance ; too many poor or disappointing gifts are bought at the last minute.

Please note: If shopping for Christmas presents we recommend you start shopping at least 6 weeks before Christmas .

If you already have a few ideas, buying the present should be straight forward, if not get started now, while you still have time! Read our "Do Your Gift Homework Online and Get Gift Ideas for Friends and Family " article to help generate present ideas.

You should aim to buy and wrap the present a week before you need to give it - leaving plenty of time to plan for emergencies.

Stock up on a quality standard gifts

Have a stock of 'standard' gifts ready for emergencies:

If you're invited to a last-minute dinner party or God forbid, your planning has gone haywire - you can have a present ready in minutes .

Remember to keep plenty of wrapping paper and gift tags . You might also find it useful to keep a good stack of greeting cards for a wide range of occasions. Often just remembering someone with a nice card or a balloon in a box and a little note can be enough to show you care!

Of course if you are stuck for a last minute present, the best solution is often to buy your present online. Many sites offer next day delivery and gift-wrapping and can deliver directly to the recipient.

(Don't forget to checkout our helium balloon delivery, teddy bears and chocolates gifts - we can deliver next day if you place your order before 4pm. For those who have missed the date one of our Sorry Gift Idea should put you back in their good books...)

What to do when present shopping on a shoe string

Most of us have limited financial resources , so set a reasonable budget to avoid creating a situation were you might later feel resentful that you've spent too much on someone's present. I'm sure you'll agree that receiving something thoughtful, interesting and special is much more exciting than receiving something expensive - so don't overstretch yourself financially!

To get the most out of your money you might want to:

For those that have a really tiny budget you can simply send a beautiful card with a personalised message or check out our section classic gifts on a shoe string for gifts you can make yourself .

Keep a Note of What You Buy For Whom

Giving the same present twice to the same person could ruin your best efforts . As would buying the same gift for two people who know each other ... (Yes they will find out and will wonder how many people actually got the same present!). Your gift does not look special anymore and your good will becomes meaningless.

So try to keep track of the presents you buy and write down what you buy for whom: it will avoid embarrassment...

Get a shopping buddy

Do you start feeling nauseous and depressed as soon as you hear the words 'present shopping'? Look though your address book - I am sure you've got at least one friend who just loves to shop! Ask them to go shopping with you - not only will they be delighted to help, but you'll learn plenty just by watching them.

You might even really enjoy yourself!

Buy Presents Online or by Mail Order

There are plenty of unusual gifts available online or by mail order - having quizzed friends and family on this it seems that most of them get present ideas (at least some of the time) online or while browsing mail order catalogues. Make sure you check the lead-time for delivery and allow for it; some companies can take up to 8 weeks to deliver the goods.

If you want to buy fun surprise gifts online? Remember browse our range of helium balloons (UK delivery) and teddy bears and find wedding gift ideas, thank you gifts, teacher gift ideas, retirement gifts and much more. We offer next day UK delivery on all orders.

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