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Buying Mother's Day Gifts - Remember What’s Important

Mother's Day Teddy Bear GiftSpeaking as a mum, extravagant, expensive gestures are not expected or necessary on Mother’s Day. 

What is important is to be shown how much you’re appreciated by your children.

Now, don’t get me wrong; I don’t know anyone who would turn down the offer of an all-expenses paid trip on the Orient Express or a Champagne dinner at a top hotel.

But if the tickets are bought and sent by your son or daughter’s PA, then to me, the point of Mother’s Day has become lost in translation.

Give the gift of time

‘Time’ is probably the most thoughtful gift you could bestow on your mum this Mothering Sunday.  By this I mean both ‘time off’ and ‘time with you’.

Mums of young children will probably really appreciate a bit of time to relax and do something completely indulgent without feeling guilty.  Perhaps a lie-in or a lazy, long hot bath or time to read their favourite book in peace.

It’s also great to have some time to play with the kids without having to think about putting on the dinner, cleaning the house, doing the laundry… the list of chores goes on. 

Mothers with grown up children, on the other hand, will probably appreciate their offspring taking time from their busy lives to call in and spend some time with them.  In this situation, if you can afford to spoil Mum with a meal at a fancy restaurant – wonderful.  But if not, why don’t you invite Mum over for a meal at your place.  Whatever the result, the effort that you go to will be much appreciated.

Mother’s Day from a distance

If it’s not possible to be with your Mum, then a phone call or a Mother's Day gift by post can still make them feel special.  Again, it’s not really about the cost of the gift, but more about the time and effort that goes in to choosing something meaningful.

So how do you make Mother’s Day meaningful?

Men in charge

Unfortunately for all you men out there, much of the responsibility for making Mother’s Day a success will lie with you - especially if you have your own young children.

Not only will you be responsible for making sure your own mum is feeling loved and appreciated on Mother’s Day, but you’ll also have to sort your children’s mum out as well.

Until the kids are old enough to shop for themselves, you’ll be the one in charge of taking them to the shops to buy the card and present.  Alternatively, you’ll have the messy job of supervising them while they make their own gifts! 

To avoid burning the house down or a quick trip to A&E on Mother’s Day morning, I’d advise all you dads out there to make sure that you’re up and supervising the kids as they make breakfast in bed for mum.  Accidents are a sure-fire way to ruin any Mother’s Day!

Hints and tips to delight mum

Wake mum up with a cup of tea or coffee and breakfast in bed – just make sure it’s not too early as a lie-in is much appreciated on Mother’s Day.

A small token of your love and appreciation will also be truly welcomed.  Whatever your budget, cards are relatively cheap, or you could even make your own.  Visit your local craft shop for materials and inspiration. 

Personalise your present

If you are thinking of buying your mum a gift, then try to keep it personal. 

Flowers are a favourite, but try to make them different.  Include her favourite flowers or colours in the bouquet.  Shrubs or roses for the garden are another alternative as they can last for years.

Keepsakes are also appropriate as gifts for Mother’s Day.  Mother’s Day teddies; photos of the kids applied to anything from a coffee mug to a mouse mat; Mother’s Day balloons; chocolates

I have to admit, I still use the ‘I love you Mum’ mug, which my daughters bought me last year for Mother’s Day, almost every day for my morning cuppa.

Another guaranteed winner on Mother’s Day is a pamper gift.  You just can’t go wrong with luxury beauty products, professional manicures or pedicures, spa treatments or massages.  It gives Mum something to look forward to and an extra day of pampering.

On a final note

Just remember that the key to a successful Mother’s Day is a little time and effort.  Mums spend so much time looking after everyone else that this is the one day of the year that you can look after mum. 

Whatever your budget, if you treat her like a princess for a day, you won’t go too far wrong.  Have fun!  

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