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Top 10 Irresistible Budget Gifts for Kids

It’s the fun that counts

Kids are rarely bothered about how much a gift costs – they are more concerned with what it does and how much fun they can have with it.
This is great news if you are gift buying on a budget, but it still doesn’t help too much with ideas.

Long lasting gift ideas

So, whether you’re a parent looking for a little extra gift for your children or buying gifts for grandchildren, god-children, nephews, nieces or even your friends’ kids, we’ve come up with some gift ideas to start you thinking.

Just remember, while shops are stuffed with brightly coloured plastic toys that promise to turn our kids into geniuses – most are overpriced gadgets that will quickly be discarded.
We’ve put together our top ten gift ideas that will prove irresistible to kids and yet won’t break the bank!

  1. Art supplies – always a favourite.  Coloured papers, scrapbooks, glitter makers, felt tips, pencils, crayons, watercolour paints and other art and crafts supplies are all perfect gifts to inspire budding artists and encourage artistic talent and self-expression. 

    Art gifts can be as inexpensive as you like.  Rather than buying ready made gift sets, you could put together your own pack.

  2. Dolls, teddy bears, soft toys and action figures - great gifts to spark a child’s imagination.  Such toys are flexible and encourage role play and improve social skills on many levels.

    But most of all they’re fun!  Don’t you remember how much fun you had as a child when playing with your dolls and teddies?  They become best friends in many cases.

  3. Books – a sure fire hit.  Think of all the beautiful and inspirational books available for children. Books allow kids to solve problems and experience a variety of adventures through the book’s characters.

    Books are also great for sharing with adults at bedtime as kids love to be read to, even long after they can read themselves.

  4. Construction toys – everyone loves making things.  In fact, scientific research suggests that playing with blocks can help young children learn about geometric shapes and spatial relationships.  Such toys also teach them how to work together in teams with other children to build a structure.

    Toys like Lego also encourage creativity and imagination.  What’s more, as they can also be used over and over again to create different structures, your gift will provide hours of play

  5. Board games – are great indoor games that can be shared with friends.  Some traditional games, such as snakes and ladders can help children acquire number skills, while most games will teach them to negotiate, respect rules and take turns.

    Games for older children can also be more sophisticated, teaching them to plan ahead and use strategy.

  6. Play dough or clay – loved by kids (even if the parents groan).  Playing and moulding squishy substances is great fun and a good skill to learn.  It enables them to create objects and creatures from their imagination – why not add a garlic press to help them create great hair to put on their creations!

  7. Puzzles and jigsaws – are loved by kids of all ages.  And, the skill level can increase with the age and ability of the child.

    They not only develop problem solving skills and spatial knowledge but also provide plenty of opportunities for social interaction and co-operation with friends and relatives.

  8. Costumes, dressing up outfits, hats and funny beards and wigs – fun, fun, fun.  These are great gifts to allow children to express their imagination by fashioning themselves into new characters.  Who knows, this improvisation may one day lead to a career on the stage!

  9. Musical instruments – whether they have a natural ear for music or not, all kids love playing musical instruments.  Toy horns, drum sets, keyboards, guitars and recorders are all fun gifts for kids – despite what the parent’s say! 

    These toys will not only provide them with hours of entertaining play but also help them discover sounds, patterns and rhythms.  You never know it could unleash a musical genius.

  10. Torches – for some reason fascinate kids.  Just remember the last time you used a torch in an emergency.  Were your kids clamouring to ‘have a go’?  Well why not simply buy them their own? It’s an inexpensive present – especially if you buy rechargeable batteries.

    Kids will love using them to make creative shadows and hand animals. Remember to let them explore the house in the dark with them too!

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