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Belgian Chocolates, Understanding the Jargon – A bite-size guide for beginners

Large Gift Basket of Belgian ChocolatesI adore chocolates. All chocolates. Well, except for the brandy flavoured ones and Turkish Delight, but I’m assured that that is quite normal.

In fact, I used to consider myself something of a chocolate expert. That was, until I started checking out the small leaflets that come with our packs of real Belgian chocolates. You know, the ones that tell you what flavour and type the chocolates are.

That was when I realised just how little I actually knew about chocolate – beyond the fact that it tastes great and is wonderful for making you feel better when you’re down in the dumps.

But the Belgian chocolate names, like ganache, fondant and mendicant, meant very little to me. Most of it sounded like jargon that just left me puzzled.

I thought it might be time to become chocolate savvy. So, with a little professional help - which of course involved eating lots of chocolate, all in the name of research – I’ve compiled a glossary of the most common terms used in the chocolate industry.

After all we should all know what we’re eating, and how to pronounce it, shouldn’t we?

So there you are. Now we can all impress our friends at dinner parties with the correct pronunciation and description of the Belgian chocolates we hand around.
Are you salivating yet?

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