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Questions about balloons, helium and gift wrapping

Please find below a list of the questions we are asked the most about how we wrap our balloon gifts and how to care for helium balloons. If your question is not answered below please contact our online Help Desk for a quick answer.

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What will my balloon gift or balloon bouquet look like?

To guarantee maximum impact, our balloon gifts are carefully wrapped in large red stripy boxes. Inside, the box is generously lined with bright red tissue paper. As the recipient opens the box the balloon will gently float out.

Your personal message will be written on a gift card and attached to the balloon.

Woman holding a balloon gift presented in a red candy striped box with a red bow Woman opening a balloon in a box gift
Balloon gift tag Personal gift message

Balloon bouquets are sent in even larger stripy boxes lined with bright tissue paper - all bouquets are made of 3 assorted helium balloons.

Your personal message will be written on a gift card and attached to the balloon bouquet.


How will my teddy bear gift and/or chocolates be presented?

To guarantee maximum impact, all our gifts are lovingly wrapped in red tissue paper and packaged safely in a red stripy gift box and sent together with your personal message on a gift card.

Chocolate Gift Box Teddy Bear Gift Box

How long will my helium balloons last?

With the right care and attention your balloon will float for 3 to 5 days. In the right conditions it might last up to 8 days. To make your enjoyment of our gift balloons last longer, all our foil balloons can be refilled by taking them to your nearest helium balloon retailer.

But please note:
Your balloon is filled with helium gas and is sensitive to extreme temperature changes.

This means it might appear deflated in cold air - to resolve the problem, simply put your balloon somewhere warm and it will expand again.

Always remember to keep your balloon away from extreme heat however, as this could cause the helium to expand and the balloon to burst.

Foil balloons may conduct electricity and should not be released outside or used near overhead power lines.

Always keep the weight attached to the balloon to prevent it from floating away.

What is helium?

Helium is the gas used to fill the balloons and make them float. Helium is an inert, lighter-than-air gas. It is non-toxic, non-flammable, odourless and colourless. However, helium is an asphyxiant and should never be inhaled.

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