Baby and Christening Balloons

Congratulate proud parents on the arrival of their new baby with a surprise balloon gift. It's fun, it's easy, it shows how much you care!

Are you looking for a baby gift that really stands out?

Even though my 'babies' have grown somewhat, I can still recall, in great detail, the huge amount of cards, baby gifts and flowers we received. In fact we received so many bouquets that it wasn't long before we'd run out of vases and displayed flowers in buckets and jugs.

Send something different

Yet, one gift really stood out. It was a new baby balloon sent to me by one of my friends - it fact it stood out so much that it gave me the original idea for Big Fat Balloons.

So if you're looking for a new baby gift that's a little different - why not surprise the new parents and send one of our new baby or christening balloons? (No water or flower arranging skills required - we promise). To make your gift even more special, why not send it with one of our baby teddy bears?

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