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Tatty Teddy Holding 18th Birthday Numbers

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Me to You Teddy Bears - Tatty Teddy Holding 18th Birthday Key

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A special Me to You bear

To make their 18th birthday an even more memorable occasion, why not give a loved one our "Tatty Teddy Holding 18th Birthday Numbers"?

This cute bear has a blue nose, long shaggy grey fur and patches on his head and body. He has the Me to You logo embroidered on the underside of his left foot. Sitting 8" (25cm) tall, Tatty Teddy carries a large stuffed number 18 made of pink and white patterned fabrics.

An 18th Birthday keepsake gift

For a keepsake bear that's sure to delight them on their 18th birthday, order your "Tatty Teddy holding 18th Birthday Numbers" online or call 0800 9776 988.

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