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The perfect night time buddy

Our Magical Unicorn Glow Pet is as soft and cuddly as the popular Pillow Pets but it also creates a soothing intermittent glow.

Glow Pets are magical plush toys that illuminate your room with a comforting glow that brings your Pillow Pet to life.

Simply press the button and colourful LED lights will turn your day time companion into a night time friend. Glow Pets create a magical and tranquil atmosphere with the use of over 30 LED lights that helps kids ease into a restful sleep. They still remain as soft and cuddly as original Pillow Pets as the tiny yet powerful LED lights canít be felt in the pillow.

Glow Pets are perfect for story time and bed time with the lights turning off after 20 minutes.

This Glow Pet Unicorn is an original Pillow Pets product. It has soft pastel multicoloured fur, a light purple belly and mane. It folds up into a pet or opens to lay flat. The Magical Unicorn measures about 41cm (16 inch) and works with 3 AA batteries - not included.

A comforting Pillow Pets gift

Our magical Pillow Pets Rainbow Unicorn Glow Pet will make a popular gift with children of all ages on birthdays, Christmas and other occasions. For the perfect comforting night time companion, order free.

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